The Australian Outback has some of the world's most amazing places to see and explore. The list is endless and the journey is yours to dream and create.

Experiencing these wonders has never been more enjoyable and awe inspiring than with your own private helicopter flight. Travel in luxury style to the most unique, untouched and remote parts of this sunburnt land. Whether it's an Outback Adventure you're after or one of our Gold Prospecting Tours or both, you can now create the experience of a lifetime.

Experience the Australian Outback like never before

Depart and arrive anywhere that may please you! As an example imagine yourself boarding your private helicopter from the Gold Coast, watching the surf break as you take off to then travel over the lush hinterland and the stunning scenic rim to start your adventure.

All destinations can be hand picked by you and customised to SUIT YOUR TRAVEL DREAMS.

Here is an example a couple chose: 

They traveled over the Baloone River in St George and saw nature at its best. Discovered the natural beauty and unique qualities of the Outback at Thargomindah. Stayed overnight and explored the Dig Tree at Innamincka, an Australian National Icon and an enduring reminder of Australia's pioneering spirit, a fascinating outback destination nestled near the Cooper Creek. Spent the morning flying over the largest salt lake in Australia, Lake Eyre. Devoted their days to marveling at untouched lands and exploring areas that are unseen by most but yours to discover.

They then traveled through the striking Flinders Ranges an environment so rich for you to experience. The Flinders Ranges provide an uplifting and tranquil destination that's home to Wilpena Pound, a giant natural amphitheatre. With the unsurpassed view from the air, there is no better way to explore this land full of wonders.

Image 2: The Burke and Wills Dig Tree at Bullah Bullah Waterhole, on Coopers Creek, Queensland, Australia.
Source: Peterdownunder