Aerial Advertising


1. Visualisation

An extremely high percentage of people will see your banner, so it creates direct impact. Flying along our pristine coastline with a massive banner flying slowly is certainly eye catching, and very hard not to be seen. Brilliant for brand awareness and demonstrating brand strength. Create the impact that no other method can.

2. Retention

One of the most important strategies of marketing your brand is the retention of your advertising campaign. Compare the amount of signage you may see on a highway for example, how much do you actually see in comparison to how much of the information is actually retained? Aerial advertising is unsurpassed and is a proven method to increase internet traffic inquiries, sales, overall interest & awareness in your products and services.

3. Distinction

Aerial advertising is a brilliant form of creative guerilla marketing. Promoting your products and services in an unconventional yet distinctive way, to create high impact and to signify trust and strength in your brand. Stand alone from your competitors, be unique and create a strong message.

The Gold Coast is Australia's most iconic destination attracting over 12 million visitors per year. With a pristine coastline & plenty of beach goers it is the perfect location to advertise your brand. Home of the GC 600, Quicksilver Pro, Gold Coast Marathon & plenty of other huge draw card events, there is never an empty day on a Gold Coast beach.

Our banners are over 30 times larger than traditional air advertising and offer the clearest display of your brand. With enormous reach and stunning image value, each banner is individually tailored & sewn.

Aerial advertising gains attention that is focused and direct, your branding is retained by the consumer and when you're in the sky, nobody can steal your show.

We will plan & organise your complete aerial advertising campaign from concept to in the air.